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Budapest, 2010. április 8. Veszélyben az új Ptk.- Alkotmánybírósághoz fordul a májusi hatálybalépés érdekében több jogvédő és fogyatékosságügyi szervezet

The new Civil Code at risk - Human rights and disability organisations submit a petition to the Constitutional Court of Hungary in favor of ensuring that the new Code enters into force in May (English version of the full text will be available soon).

9 jogvédő és fogyatékosságügyi szervezet fordul az Alkotmánybírósághoz az új Polgári Törvénykönyv (Ptk.) hatályba lépéséről szóló törvénnyel (Ptké.) kapcsolatban.


1 April 2010. Today MDAC launched a one-year initiative in which it will seek to provide guidance to governments and NGOs on the effective implementation of Article 33 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the provision which focuses on domestic implementation of the Convention.

11 March 2010, Budapest (Hungary), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Strasbourg (France). MDAC welcomes last week’s judgment of the European Court of Human Rights which ordered the Russian government to pay 25,000 EUR compensation to a man with mental health disabilities who was unlawfully deprived of legal capacity and arbitrarily detained in a psychiatric hospital for more than six months. This is the largest amount of compensation the Court has ever awarded in a disability rights case.    »

5 March 2010 Moscow (Russia) and Budapest (Hungary). Yesterday the Mental Disability Advocacy Center (MDAC) and the NGO "Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia" hosted a round table event in Moscow, Russia. The purpose was to strengthen civil society's understanding of the right to legal capacity, and to strategize on how to engage the authorities in law reform.



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