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Releasing specialist materials for lawyers on representing children with mental disabilities in Europe, along with eight national legal innovation strategies targeting the most systematic human rights violations faced by such children. »

The European Court of Human Rights is currently examining the case of a young Polish man who was forcibly detained and treated in a psychiatric hospital against his will. The court found that, because of his mental health issue, he was not guilty of an alleged assault. He started treatment and experts testified that his health had improved. However, the court decided to lock him up anyway. MDAC has submitted legal arguments to the ECtHR supporting his right to liberty and freedom from forced treatment.

Robert Martin, CRPD Committee Member, talks institutionalistion, ill-treatment and human rights

Robert Martin, CRPD Committe Member

MDAC is calling on the Hungarian government, as a matter of urgency, to publish its findings into abuses exposed at the Topház social care home, instead of targeting human rights defenders for exposing abuse. »


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