MDAC and UNPRPD launched a report on the human rights of persons with mental health issues or intellectual disabilities in the Republic of Moldova. The report is the result of more than three years of research work by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) jointly with MDAC.

During August, many States will see their laws, policies and practices reviewed by the UN Committee against Racial Discrimination. One of the States to be reviewed is the Czech Republic, a country where MDAC has worked for many years.

Today, Oliver addressed a meeting of European policy-makers in Brussels at an focusing on access to justice of children. The event was organised jointly by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights and UNICEF. Here is what he said.
MDAC joins the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights and calls on the Norwegian Government to withdraw its reservations to the CRPD.
The European Ombudsman has today called on the European Commission to improve “respect for human rights” in the use of billions of Euros of money provided to governments and to “dissuade [EU] Member States, and indeed itself, from ignoring violations of fundamental rights". MDAC calls for reparations for people affected by the misuse of Structural Funds.
Bulgaria is reforming its education system. MDAC is calling for the Government to fundamentally reform the national education system, end segregated schooling for children with disabilities, and ensure inclusive education for all.
The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) has published a report on its most recent visit to the Czech Republic. MDAC and Liga share the CPT’s concerns related to the abusive use of chemical and mechanical restraints on persons with psycho-social disabilities, and supports its call for the abolition of cage beds
Following the path laid out in Câmpeanu v Romania, the European Court of Human Rights has reaffirmed NGOs standing to secure justice for persons with disabilities who die at the hands of the State.
Read about exciting developments at MDAC, with Phillippa Kaufmann QC taking over as Chair from Dr Felicity Callard, and Peter Chivers becoming Vice Chair. Oliver Lewis transitions to London to spearhead outreach and fundraising, and Steven Allen becomes Campaigns Director.
The judgment represents an extraordinary victory for Mr. Stankov himself and an important impetus for the Bulgarian Government to abolish its system of guardianship and institutionalisation. Yet, the European Court of Human Rights remains entrenched in a protectionist and deficits-based model of disability and continues to be unwilling to engage with the post-CPRD era.


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