From Russian mental asylum to Sky News

If you watch this 4-minute segment on Sky News, you will see Vitaliy and Natalia Kocherov and their incredibly cute daughter Anna. They are our clients. 

The Kocherov family. Picture: Sky News.The Kocherov family. Picture: Sky News.

Mum and dad lived in a mental asylum, fell in love and had a daughter, Anna. Aged three days old, Anna was removed from them and taken to an orphanage. Mum and dad were so enraged that they found our lawyer Dmitri Bartenev in Russia. He helped them get out of the institution, and battle the system to get Anna back, which they eventually did. We took the case to the the European Court of Human Rights and in March won the case for them - the first ever disability parenting case at the ECHR.

Please become part of this story too by supporting us at It's only with gifts like yours that we can help the Kocherovs, and enable them to tell their story to the world. 



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