Core values

MDAC’s core values are respect, cooperation, creativity, accountability and professionalism.

We are respectful. We therefore:
    * respect the human dignity of every human being
    * understand and recognise the validity of the views of others
    * see a human being not a helpless victim

We are cooperative. We therefore:
    * seek sustainable cooperation with other civil society organisations, especially disabled peoples organisations and human rights groups
    * are a learning organisation – we listen to and learn from others
    * seek cooperative solutions to problems

We are creative. We therefore:
    * have a critical approach towards disability and human rights issues
    * challenge the status quo
    * seek innovative approaches to our work where appropriate

We are accountable. We therefore:
    * seek to be accountable to people with disabilities
    * encourage disabled people’s organisations help us set our goals and evaluate our work
    * aim to include users of mental health services in our board of trustees and staff

We are professional. We therefore:
    * ensure high standards in all our work and staff development

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